Make more of a difference simply by being more of yourself.

Holistic Leadership Development for Conscious Leaders




Did you know...?

A palliative care study suggests that the #1 regret of the dying is living the life others expected of them instead of being true to themselves.​
This doesn’t have to be YOUR regret.
We need you to be YOURSELF. No one else can do it like you can.
Make the unique difference that only YOU can make.

Your checklist for revolutionary leadership is simple.

Own what makes you different & unique.
Define what balance looks like for you.
Understand how you are connected to the whole.

Your revolutionary mentor.

Deborah A.

Most conscious leaders don’t know how to be themselves, and their leadership is restricted because of this. 

I’m on a mission to help leaders FREE themselves of restrictive rules and boundaries, so they can make the true difference they were born to make, AS THEMSELVES.

My clients get excited again about the difference they’re making, and each day they grow more confident in their unique and ever evolving style of leadership.

This is because they are BEING THEMSELVES, in all aspects of their lives!

“This work is for those who are tired of always searching outside themselves for answers and are ready to align to their best vision of themselves. They also love looking at the world from a new and totally different perspective that will offer shifts instead of just adding more conceptual knowledge.”
Adina S
Mom & Community Leader
“I went from feeling stuck to unstuck.. I was able to let go of the mental and emotional weight I had been carrying and felt my original inspiration for starting the company come back.. The benefit of going through this process will not just affect your business, but your whole life and all of the people in it.”
Minna Y
Mom & B-Corp Founder
“A simple yet effective method to use for creating, communicating, and decision making from an honest and elevated state. I now have the confidence and tools to face problem solving from an empowered and positive state of mind viewing challenges as opportunities to grow.”
Abdiel J
Artist, Advocate & Co-Founder

Your simple plan to revolutionary leadership.

1. Apply

for Personalized Support.

Quick, one-page application will help you outline with clarity your current and desired situation

2. Create

a Custom Leadership Plan.

An immersive, 30-day experience crafting your personalized leadership plan, together

3. Shine

as a Revolutionary Leader.

Live your plan each day as a revolutionary leader with real community.

Can you say you're being YOURSELF in your leadership?​

At global village campus, we know that you want to be true to yourself AND supportive of others.

In order to do that, you need:

  • Clarity on what it really means to be true to yourself
  • Courage to do it
  • Commitment to see your work through when things get tough

The problem is, societal rules and norms tend to pull us away from these truths, and offer to replace your inner knowing with ‘best practices’ that often are not in your best interests at all. 

The frustration, fatigue and fear that many conscious leaders face when trying to ‘fit in’ with their peers is palpable. Many give up or lose the unique expression of their voice. 

It shouldn’t be so hard to be yourself. After all, we believe that is the only way for you to become the revolutionary leader you are here to be.

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Apply for Personalized Support
  2. Create a Custom Leadership Plan
  3. Shine as a Revolutionary Leader

So, apply for personalized support today. And in the meantime, check out the Beyond Boundaries masterclass to see how you can drop restrictive boundary setting and enjoy greater freedom and effectiveness.

Choose your package

Introductory pricing [available for a limited time]


Global Village Leadership COHORT
$ 995
Per Year
  • *Intimate community of courageous leaders who serve as bridges between the old, dying 'business as usual' paradigm, and the new world that is emerging: Global Village
  • One year of bi-weekly live, intimate meetings
  • One year of weekly guidance on becoming a Global Villager
  • One Personal 1:1 Intro Design Session


Global Village Leadership ACCELERATOR
$ 1,995
  • *Personal guidance to create your unique leadership plan in 3 key leadership areas.
  • Includes entire COHORT package plus:
  • 6 weeks of daily guidance
  • 60 days of unlimited email support
  • Three 1:1 Custom Planning Sessions


Global Village Leadership EXCELLENCE
$ 9,995
  • *Personal support to implement your custom leadership plan.
  • Includes entire INTENSIVE package plus:
  • 9 months of weekly 1:1 Alignment Sessions
  • 9 months of weekly small group Q&A sessions
  • 9 months of unlimited email support

Ready to go beyond boundary-setting?

beyond boundaries masterclass

An unconventional alternative to boundary setting that boosts your freedom and power as a leader.